Xena is a serious show about a former warlord redeeming herself.

And the evils of dancing.

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"I’ve been going to gay and lesbian bars since I was probably too young and had fake IDs. [laughs]"

—Lana Parrilla (via missdontcare-x)
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Swan-Mills Family groupie pic!

Smooth move Emma  /(*7*)/ I hope you’ll survive Gina’s wrath

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I just thought of this…


it would have been way cooler and more “consistent” with the story if in 3x12, instead of Diablo III Henry would have played Kingdom Hearts…  

yeah… that’s just how my brain works.

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@LanaParrilla I’d want to be able to breathe under water! I’d swim in the sea & explore for the day! #Iwant2bAfish

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When I adopted him, it was you who procured him for me. You expect me to believe that that was a coincidence?

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If we get anymore hate in the tags today respond with these Lana quotes and nothing else, just keep responding with one of these quotes.





With Regina and Emma being both moms, I can see that it’s a ship that is obvious

And really, at the end of the day, they are family.

I don’t support bullying, period. I think everyone has the right to feel whatever they want…

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  • Lana called Regina, Emma and Henry a family.
  • Lana said Regina and Emma’s interactions can be perceived as sexual by the audience.
  • Lana said that Swan Queen is an obvious ship.
  • Lana gave us conformation that her and Jen casually text each other about Swan Queen.
  • Lana…
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The “all the good stuff” thread:

"I think they’re two very strong, powerful, intelligent, attractive women. [laughs] Sorry, I’m biased. You’ve got a brunette with brown eyes—dark, sultry—and then you have this blonde, blue-eyed, very—Emma has a different quality from Regina. She’s definitely…

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# Regina threatening Emma ‘Alex Vause Style

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