….but why would you have Emma and Regina together in the Elsa promo but not Hook and Emma? Was that intentional or…

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"Here we go again…..

—said SWEN right through Season 3 every time Hook came onto Emma. (via adelinawp)
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Regina: Here we go again.
Emma: Urgh really? Didn't we just defeat someone?
Regina: Yes dear but it appears a hero's work is never done.
Emma: Couldn't she at least have waited until after lunch?
Regina: Would you prefer evil called you beforehand to set up a meeting?
Emma: Well it would be more convenient and we could have lunch with our son in peace.
Regina: Perhaps you could use some of this charm on Elsa and we'll have ice-cream instead.
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"Home" means two things to Henry and neither is with him. They’ll get to him soon, though, right? Before anything else can?

Also available in wallpaper form here: 1280x800 or 1280x1024.

Please join the Virtual Series and the Nevengers for Season 3, Episode 4, “Home Sweet Home” at ouatvs.com this coming Friday, September 5.

(Take you very much for the beautiful artwork from boomboombooom!)

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this is a battle song
brothers and sisters
time to go to war. 

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I’m so excited to see Lana Parrilla and Kristin Bauer acting together.

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Let’s watch once upon a time

or as i like to call it

unresolved sexual tension between the evil queen and the saviour.

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Non-canon shipper problems

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"Seduce them with your intelligence, then kill them your smile."

Unknown (via myres0lution)
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